Saturday, July 19, 2008

AT&T Says Fie on Free Fi for iPhone (Again)

AT&T Says Fie on Free Fi for iPhone (Again)

The latest chapter in the ongoing flirtation between AT&T’s Wi-Fi hotspot network and the iPhone ends in rejection: The cellular giant is apparently a bit overexcited, and keeps releasing information about putative, future, free Wi-Fi access at 17,000 domestic Wi-Fi hotspots (McDonald’s and Starbucks, mostly) for the iPhone. The page went up on their site promoting the program, a thousand articles bloomed on blogs, and then AT&T spokespeople said, sorry, false alarm. The page should be gone by now. AT&T said that it’s “our intention to make [Wi-Fi] available to as many customers as possible, but we have no announcement at this time.”

Some day, the company will officiate at the wedding of its Wi-Fi service and the iPhone, but the blessed day has been postponed again.

[Photo by Louise Docker. Used under Creative Commons license.]

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