Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Blame It on the MiFi, After All

My detailed Ars Technica account of what may have been the trouble at Apple's WWDC keynote: It seemed at first that the problem Steve Jobs had on stage in getting the just-announced iPhone 4 to load a Web page were related to the congestion of hundreds of mobile hotspots, largely MiFi units, in the room.

But after examining video from the event and talking to two Wi-Fi gurus, it's more likely that the congestion triggered a Wi-Fi driver bug in the iPhone 4 that the company, if it can replicate it, is surely racing to fix before release.

Congestion of this scale will likely become a given at any technology conference in the future, and perhaps in more casual environments. Mobile hotspots are becoming a standard feature on new smartphones, and each hotspot creates its own Wi-Fi network, uncoordinated with all those around it.

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